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Updated January 22nd, 2015

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Welcome to Con of the North!

Con of the North is the Twin Cities' longest running games convention, run by an all-volunteer organization dedicated to bringing you the best in gaming every year! Con of the North 2015 is February 13-15 at the Crowne Plaza Minneapolis West. For more information about our convention, visit the About Con of the North page.

Upcoming Events

Date and Time Event Where
January 2015
January 5 Pre-Reg Deadline / Onsite Event deadline  
January 13
7 PM
Magnetron Meeting
Topic: TBA
Crowne Plaza
Minneapolis West
January 17 Onsite book event entry / registration verification deadline  
January 17 and/or January 24 Badge work day / Start on Onsite paperwork  
January 26 Badges to printer / All programming materials to Programming and ticket info to Operations  
January 31 Tickets Printed / Pubs Onsite work day  
February 2015
February 7
2 PM
Ticket pulling / onsite pack assembly
Home of Don Prust and Kelly O'Donoghue
February 10
7 PM
Magnetron Meeting
Topic: Magnetron Last Minute meeting (if needed)
Crowne Plaza
Minneapolis West
February 13 - 15 Con of the North 2015  
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Richard Moyer Sr Memorial page - updates on games he was going to run will be posted laster this month; the games will still happen but will be run by someone else.

Errata page updates:

  • Quest of the Cobalt Coleoptera now in the SAT 14-18 slot. (instead of FRI 14-18)
  • Tekumel: Hirilakte Gladiators now in the SAT 18-20 slot. (instead of FRI 18-20)
  • Tekumel: Pirate Hunt now in the 4-hour SAT 20-24 slot, not the 6-hour SAT 20-02 slot

Two events added to the Errata page, a Saturday tournament and all con event for Super Smash Bros.

All game events in pdf, .CSV and HTML format is now available from the Online Events Lists!

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